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Do You Need A Local Tile Installation Company That Is Simply Going To Do A Great Job, At A Great Price, Without Having To Worry About Any Of The Unnecessary Stress That Normally Comes When Working Amateurs??

If you want to have a tile flooring company that is definitely not the cheapest…but not the most ridiculous either. We are fair and our prices are fair. The old saying is true, “you get what you paid you”. When it comes to installing either ceramic, porcelain, or marble tile, you do not want to cut corners and go cheap. Not only does new flooring add monetary value to your property but it is so nice you could take a cat nap on it. There is something to be proud of when you not only have a quality tile but you hire a local tile expert (that would be us) to lay those sexy tiles on the old floor.

We install ceramic, porcelain, and marble tile floors in Pompano Beach and surrounding areas. Our tiling contractors are locally trained and experienced to take on any size tiling job whether it’s residential or commercial. As they say “Been there done that”. Tile floor installation is a service that definitely needs to be done by a flooring expert. You do not want to regret spending all that money for nothing, only to have it redone, waste more time, and lose more sleep. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, just prevent all of that drama and give the tile experts at A1A Tile Installation a call!

Tile Floor Installation South Florida

A1A Tile Installation is committed to giving quality tile services for residential and commercial needs that you (& your neighbor) might have. We are not limited to installing tile in Pompano Beach but will travel to most of Palm Beach and Broward County. Our strengths are customer satisfaction, affordable prices (not the cheapest but not the most expensive) as well as a superior tile installation service. Ever wonder how to lay ceramic floor tile? Let us worry about that since were like the best at it.

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Porcelain Tile Installation

Tile Contractor Pompano Beach & Surrounding Cities

Professional tile contractors can be really hard to find. Specially licensed and insured tile contractors. We pride ourselves in being a professional tile company that provides quality flooring services for both residential and commercial tile installation needs. Do not waste time haggling over a few dollars only to later regret it. You get what you pay for what you expect!

Guaranteed Top-class Tile Service With A Smile

A1A Tile Installation is skilled and experienced to handle all stages of tile installations to facilitate your every need. Our priority is to serve you, our customers. We do this with next-level craftsmanship without breaking the bank! We are always investing in new technology and tools in order to stay ahead of the tile installation pack with ease.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Professional Tile Installation Company In Pompano Beach And Surrounding Cities?

Would you trust someone from Craigslist to perform an important medical procedure on someone you love? Absolutely not! It’s craziness! Although this is an extreme analogy, just think about it. Your floors are one of the most important parts and features of the home that you love and live in. The home that your precious children and pets walk on, sleep on and even pee on :). Would you like them to injure themselves because some random guy who was the cheapest do a poor tile installation job? Just think about it.

1) With a professional and licensed tile company you can rest assure that the job will be done 100% from start to finish. Professional tile contractors do not cut corners that end up costing more money and more stress!

2) A professional tile contractor has the necessary experience to handle “unseen issues” that tend to spring up because of the nature of the overall process. It is highly likely that a professional has already experience the same or similar issue and is trained to take care of it.

3) Hiring a licensed and insured tile installation contractor gives you the peace of mind which prevents you from having to worry about any legal ramification were anything to happen along those lines.

4) Efficiency is the result of an experienced local tile company. This efficiency means that they get in and they get out. It’s that simple! Efficiency only comes with experience, something a professional tile installer should have plenty of.

5) You have a guarantee that you will get the results you hoped for. A professional tile installation company in Pompano Beach and surrounding has most likely done this so much it will make your head spin. This is why they are professional.

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