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Tile Installation Lighthouse Point - Our team can do any job in record time, so give us a call today to see how we can help you today with a free quote!
Do You Need A Local Ceramic Tile Installation Company That Is Simply Going To Do A Great Job, At A Great Price, Without Having To Worry About Any Of The Unnecessary Stress That Normally Comes When Working Amateurs??

Porcelain tiles are described to be stronger, purer, harder, and more water-resistant than typical ceramics. It is said to be achieved by using a finer level of clay particles that are subjected to a higher level of temperature, creating a tougher glazed surface usually achieved by standard ceramic tiles. This innate versatility gives porcelain tiles provides a number of the upper hand in a variety of architectural surface applications. However, as with all flooring options, there are always advantages and disadvantages to porcelain tile installation in Pompano Beach.​

We install porcelain tile floors in Pompano Beach and surrounding areas. Our tiling contractors are locally trained and experienced to take on any size tiling job whether it’s residential or commercial. As they say “Been there done that”. Tile floor installation is a service that definitely needs to be done by a flooring expert. You do not want to regret spending all that money for nothing, only to have it redone, waste more time, and lose more sleep. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So, just prevent all of that drama and give the tile experts at A1A Tile Installation a call!

Benefits Of Using Porcelain Tiles

Flexible design – Porcelain tile installation in Pompano Beach offers to match and replicate all sorts of traditional flooring materials, including granite, marble, steel, wood, cork, and bamboo. They can be very visually indistinguishable from the authentic ones.

Liquid resistant – Porcelain density is known to be the reason behind the liquid penetration-resistant quality of porcelain tiles, in comparison to other porous types of ceramic. This can also be further enhanced by applying a layer of melted glass glaze to make any surface it is put up, impervious to water.

Durable strength – They are also known to be one of the toughest flooring materials available. They are hard, solid, and dense, making porcelain impact and stress resistant. Porcelain tile installation at Pompano Beach can also be used in commercial environments due to its PEI rating of 5, making it suitable in high-traffic areas, even with heavy equipment use.

Stain-resistant quality – Another great advantage is that the porcelain flooring has natural stain-resistant characteristics. Staining agents can
not penetrate through easily and liquid is repelled. Glazing also further enhances this feature to a level higher making it prevent discoloration of the tiles. 

Low upkeep or maintenance requirement – The natural water and stain resistance of the porcelain tiles makes them very easy to maintain. Spot cleaning of spills using a damp rag is a breeze and simple sweeping keeps the floor free from loose debris. One can easily disinfect or sanitize the surface by applying the most commercially available soaps and solutions via damp mopping.

Fire retardant – Porcelain tile installation in Pompano Beach greatly restricts the transference and movement of flames during a fire breakout. Porcelain does not burn under normal condition and is very useful in protecting further flame growth.

Porcelain Tile Floor Installation Pompano Beach And Surrounding Areas

A1A Tile Installation is committed to giving quality tile services for residential and commercial needs that you (& your neighbor) might have. We are not limited to installing tile in Pompano Beach but will travel to most of Palm Beach and Broward County. Our strengths are customer satisfaction, affordable prices (not the cheapest but not the most expensive) as well as a superior tile installation service. Ever wonder how to lay ceramic floor tile? Let us worry about that since were like the best at it.

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