The cheapest option and the most expensive commonly found option. Comparing Natural Stone and Ceramic Tiles is something we wanted to tackle for a while now. But we haven’t truly found a way to properly do it till today. The difficulty being that the two materials are used in quite different tile services Pompano Beach and for different reasons.

So to make it simpler, we broke it up into usage and strength to make it easier understood for those simply looking at facts. As to of the most popular tile services Pompano Beach, here is our answer at which is better at what.


In terms of strength, natural stone blows ceramic out of the water like a cannon. Crafted by mother nature herself, natural stone is quarried and quarried from the earth to produce exquisite pieces of tiling art. While ceramic is good too, it does not live up to natural stone tiles durability and longevity


It does, however, win as the more useful and versatile tile services Pompano Beach, as it comes in the most variety out of all tiling services available. From walling to the floor to ceiling and even art, its the most versatile tile out there.

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