Why Some Tiles Are So Expensive

You probably were left with a few questions if you ever looked at a tile installation project and wondered why the price is so expensive. But everything involving costs, consists of the types and sections, but mainly costs and why some material tiles are much more expensive than other tiles. Often our customers are confused too, so here we thought we could talk about it at Tile Services Lake Worth.

Without further ado, this is why some tile installation projects are far more expensive than others. We’re going to immerse ourselves into tile kinds and what makes them more expensive, so here we go!

Materials Used

The use of tile materials is the most important part in calculating the cost of the tile. The ceramic tile most frequently used and available is made of natural clay, sand and water. These materials are molded into a rectangular or square tile and then baked to remove most humidity. Porcelain tiles are manufactured in the same fashion but with denser clays that increase the tile’s strength.

In this respect, natural tiles are much more expensive because it is made with natural stone. The lime, sandstone, granite and marble are usually produced. They are excavated and cut in quarries with heavy mining and production machinery. Because of the difficulty, they are rarer and more expensive than normal tiles.


Tiles in a couple of hours are easy to install and the installation of tiles is difficult. The installation of these tiles will in some ways affect the cost of the service. However, they are largely based on the size and type of the project. Porcelain and ceramics are easy to install, depending on where and area size.

Tile specific characteristics

Natural tiling in stone can be a pain and it could take a little more to make it on-site if it hasn’t been waterproof or isolated. However, it is important that they are isolated because of their porous natural stone tiles and their annoying habit of staining if they are not glassed or isolated.

The color and size and the production also impact the price. Tile characteristics For example, although a single company product could cost you a few dollars, it could cost you several dozen dollars, etc. This may be due to the reputation of the manufacturer or the methods employed in production. Be careful to do so anyway.Paragraph

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