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Deciding on a tiling type

We offer a great amount on different tiles, and it is all available to our many clients. From classic ceramic to more durable porcelain, we do it all. It’s sometimes confusing to choose which tile to buy and we know this from experience. So we devised a quick list of the most important things to consider to help you choose!

Purpose and position:

Are you tiling your floors or walls or ceiling? Do you have a specific type of look in mind? The purpose of the tile is just as important as where it will be installed. Tile installation Pompano Beach has you covered with all of the above. We are also more than happy to help you find the tile best suited for you.

Durability or appearance?

Are you looking for durability or visual appeal? While many tiles are just naturally stunning to look at, many of the more intricately designed ones are more brittle and prone to breaking than the more strength focused ones. As such, it is important to find a balance and come to a consensus on whether you want strength or stunning visuals. Need help? Contact us today!

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