Porcelain Tile Installation Pompano Beach is an option we see more and more of our clients take nowadays. As a long time tiling contractor, we thought it was about time we spoke about Porcelain Tile Installation Pompano Beach. We made this blog to give you reason as to why you should consider it for your next tiling project.

Porcelain VS Ceramic

It is often a confusing choice when choosing what type of tile to install, especially when choosing between Porcelain and ceramic. To break it down, each has its own merit and positives, with ceramic being an excellent, more common and cheap option with a wider variety and versatility in its options. It’s possible to install ceramic tiles for your walls, ceilings and flooring. On an idustrial standard, these are the tiles that fits that frame.

Porcelain Tiles, on the other hand, is less versatile but far more durable and long-lasting. With a thicker, more thorough make, it is less likely to chip or crack than ceramic. Still stunning in appearance, porcelain is also a bit more costly when compared to standard ceramic, but the quality is well worth the extra price.

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