A1A Tile Installation has been operating for many years now, creating beautiful and exquisite pieces of art on floors. Whether on walls, or ceilings with ceramic, porcelain and everything in between. But during this time, we’ve often been asked; why tiles? Well, A1A Tile Installation is here to
answer that question and many more, so let’s get into it.

Why tiles?

Simple; they are sleek, modern, beautiful and easy to maintain and clean. They also come in a huge variety of colors, styles, and materials. One for each occasion and personality type and person. Over the years, A1A Tile Installation has done hundreds of installations, seen countless patterns and replaced many floors for a tiled one. We’ve heard and seen the satisfaction expressed by our clients at just how stunning and user-friendly tiles are. Here are some additional benefits tiles hold that other floors just do not.

Easy to clean

Everyone hates sweeping and cleaning, it’s why vacuums were made. But fret not, because, with tiles, it is as easy as a single swipe. With many brooms and mops that work especially well with tiles, it has never been easier to maintain a floor with as little effort as possible. And, as a plus, they don’t stain or fade with time, unlike many laminated and wooden flooring do. As such, A1A Tile Installation recommends tiling for anyone who hates the look of aged products.

A wide variety

There is a wide variety of tile types, sizes, colors and styles available to anyone interested in having a tiling project done, and there is almost certainly something for you. From black to blue to white to pink, there is a color for you. There are also patterned and textured tiles, glossed tiles and more.

It’s cost-effective

While a bit pricy to purchase and install, there is very little that can remove the longevity and durability a quality tile brings to the home. A decent tile can last for decades no issue, and unless you are going to drop a bowling ball made of metal on it, there is very little that can damage it either. There is a reason when they break tiles in movies they use sledgehammers.

Mix and match

Mix and match your tiles to your liking, make art with them by arranging them in patterns and let your imagination run wild. A1A Tile Installation does not just tile floors, we do walls and the like as well. Make your kitchen or bathroom a masterpiece with sleek and classy looking tiles that are sure to dazzle any unexpecting visitors.

Need a tiling project done? Do it with A1A Tile Installation, the best tilers available! Contact us today for a free quote or leave your details online and we’ll contact you. A1A Tile Installation, the best tiling contractor money can buy.