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What do we do?

Tiling and it’s like, we here at Tampa Tile Installation are experts in all things tile. From installation to maintenance to repairs to quotes and consultations, our expertise is wide and varied.  Need something done? Tampa Tile Installation has a service for you and an expert to answer any and all questions you may or may not have!

What services do we offer?

Tile installation:

From the most basic of ceramic to complex pieces of art on your bathroom wall, here at Tampa Tile Installation, it’s all in a day’s work. With a highly trained safe and with all the necessary permits and certifications one could imagine, our clients are always satisfied with our work! Tile installations of all types are available with us, including ceramic, marble and porcelain and everything in between.

Repairs and tiling replacements:

While replacing a broken tile may be the most visually appealing option, it is not always the most cost-efficient one. It is due to this that we offer any prospecting clients the best tile repairing services available. Should you be looking to replace a tiled project, we are fully capable and able to do so as well!

Give us a call today if any of the above services interest you or to inquire about any of our other services. Get a free quote on all things tiling and tiling related today by calling or leaving your details online for us to call you! The best tilers around, we are your one-stop tiling shop!


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